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Pupils of the orphanage :  “L’Œuvre des Sans Voix” set for the 2021 school year

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They received a donation amounting to more than CFA francs 600,000, Saturday, September 4, 2021 in Douala, from the NGO International Assistance to Children, (Aide-Ica). 

« We are happy. We have no words to express our joy. We are very happy. May God bless the donors», said young Gabriella, a resident of the orphanage “Les Œuvres des Sans Voix”, literally “The Works of the Voiceless”, located in PK9, a Douala neighbourhood. With their brand new bags full of school items, Gabriella, a student of Form 5, and her fellow boarders returned to school with serenity. This was not obvious a few weeks ago. Due to difficulties relating to the return to school that many parents are experiencing, and in particular mother Monique, the founder of this orphanage, nailed by illness on a chair.

Providentially, the NGO International Assistance to Children (Aide-Ica) came to the rescue of these needy children. For its first outing, the young organization handed over a large donation of school supplies and foodstuffs. «I am glad that you have thought about nutrition. Because we can’t send children to school without eating», said Monique. A donation estimated at 600,000 CFA francs, plus an envelope given to the founder on the same occasion.

For the president of this NGO, Michel Junior Nguidjol, this ceremony « is the materialization of a longstanding dream. A dream to contribute to give a smile to children, other than those we have given birth», he said.  Before continuing to indicate that, «every member of this organization understands perfectly what every child in this orphanage needs and hopes for. We understand very well what education means to them. Hope and education are key words in an increasingly difficult environment plagued by many pitfalls for our children.»

Michel Nguidjol urged the boarders to avoid the pitfalls of drugs, alcohol and prostitution and to work hard to become benefactors to other children.

The mission of Aide-Ica is to promote the future of young children from 0 to 18 years old, to help the poor children, the handicapped, the homeless and all the underprivileged, in general.

Blanchard BIHEL

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